Some experts say that depression and anxiety are the new normal. Parents, we cannot accept this. Our kids must be equipped with more than resilience and positivity. They need hope. Discover practical ways to foster necessary hope growth in your children’s hearts. Help them  experience a hope-filled life.

The Messy Life of Parenting

“Life changing” were the words one event coordinator used to describe the message in The Messy Life of Parenting. Between the covers of The Messy Life of Parenting you will discover how to strengthen the relationships in your family.

Messy Journey

Did you do everything “right” and your young adult child still wandered away from from faith or family values. If you need (or your friend needs) some encouragement or support pick up Messy Journey. Hope, healing, and help are found in these pages.

Raising Big Kids with Supernatural Love

“‹Got teens? Got a tween? You need this book. Scour the index for the issues you may be facing attitude, anger, stealing, lying, dating, driving, eating disorders and more.

Raising Little Kids with Big Love

Don’t read this book. Use it like a tool. Search the index to find what you need and then apply the suggested strategies. This book deals with patience, tantrums, whining, power struggles and more.


Practical, Applicable, Warm, and Honest. Each chapter contains thought provoking questions, parenting tips, and a specific prayer.

Mama Needs A Time Out: Daily Getaways for A Mom's Soul

Need a time-out from your kids and a moment or two with God? Mama Needs A Time-Out is just for you. Filled with mirth, encouragement, and a transparent view of mothering, this inspirational devotional leads you through the names of God as you march through the trenches of motherhood. Whether you are a mother of preschoolers or toddlers, this book satisfies your soul and reminds you that you aren’t alone!


When we know someone’s name, it tells us something about who they are and what their character is like. One of the best ways to know God’s true character and grow closer to Him is to know His names. In the four week study, I Call Him by Name, author Heather Riggleman leads women on an exploration of the many names of our God””from Elohim to Abba, to reveal how He loves us in a world that says He doesn’t.

Let's Talk About Prayer

Motherhood has a way of bringing moms to their knees. Authors and moms, Heather Riggleman and Julie Sanders, two women from different decades and backgrounds, share a passion for prayer. In their book, Let’s Talk about Prayer, they discuss how to make prayer work in the trenches of family life. No matter if your prayer life is barely breathing, just getting started, or thirsting for more, if you are a mom who is passionate about prayer, this book is for you.

Bold Truths Prayer Journal: A 90 Day Guide to S.O.A.P. God's Word For Women

This engaging prayer journal is creative way for you to experience the power of prayer and get to know who God truly is more fully. This journal can be used in tandem with any Bible study or current daily scripture reading App. The format is the four step S.O.A.P. method for self-reflection and God-connection. This journal is to be used as a tool to deepen your study experience and help you apply scripture to your life.

The ABCs of Praying for Students Devotional

If you’re a mom who does so much because she cares so much, the ABC’s of Prayer will help you give your student what they need most ““ your prayers. Each devotion focuses on a single Bible passage, with a clear illustration of how it connects to what a student needs to know and grow. Practical applications follow, along with ideas for Table Talk starters to use with your learner.


As her body, schedule, and relationships change, a mom-to-be craves more than just chocolate. Expectant delivers forty inspirational devotions that offer truth to transform the expectant mom’s heart and practical wisdom to help navigate her changing relationships. Author Julie Sanders helps prepare the new mom for her new normal and encourages her to be the mom she wants to be while focusing on her baby, herself, and other grown-ups. Questions are included to guide conversations with a partner or a small group.


Known By His Names

God created us with a soul-deep longing to be in intimate relationship with Himself and to introduce Him to others. These life purposes are better accomplished when we know Him better. The better we know His names, the better we know Him. Elizabeth Spencer leads readers along a Word-directed 365 day journey toward knowing God better. Each one page daily reading features a name, attribute, or characteristic of God, along with supporting Scripture, background information, or personal reflection.

Fledge: Launching Your Kids Without Losing Your Mind

Your kids are spreading their wings. Are you ready? Your job as a parent isn’t over; it’s just changing. Equip yourself with biblical wisdom for this season of transition in your family life. Learn the patterns to avoid and the habits to pursue. In Fledge, counselor, educator, and mother Brenda L. Yoder helps Christian parents navigate the many transitions of the launching years. Fledge will help you release your children into the future that God has planned for them.

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

1 Thessalonians 5:11